Wedding is a special event in any person’s life. Once a proposal is accepted, you’ve got a lot on your plate all those days full of wedding planning before the ceremony.

Jewelry for wedding day is on the bridal list.   What type and what style of jewelry to choose? What ring will look best on your hand? Would it be a jewelry set or individual accessories? What design to follow?

All depends. But some information can be helpful. Below a detailed checklist offered for you to save your time and be advised:

  1. Your style preferences. Means to define first, if you prefer to have classic, romantic or modern look. Your look must match, from head to toe! What kind of ring, bracelet, earrings, necklace, tiara or elegant jewelry set to choose? The fact is, that from the wedding dress and shoes to the jewelry set, all details must complement each other to create the perfect look. The jewelry pieces are used to portray your personality or tell the story about your love for the partner. Diamonds or pearls – attractive, simple, and an absolute classic. This year trendy jewellery adorned with pearls and diamonds is chic and glamorous, but above all romantic and timeless. Pearls and diamonds may be incorporated into modern or classic designs, but always retain an air of timeless glamour and beauty.
  2. The ring size matters! It might surprise you, but the right ring for you is chosen by your unique hand and finger shape and size. Remember, finger length per width plus ring shape plus style is the total result –  the perfect match! Consider the shape and size of the main stone and width and style of the ring itself. Round stones or bold style can fit to long fingers. Smaller stones can help make thin fingers appear wider. Oval, pear or marquise stones help lengthen the short fingers. Small round, princess-cut, oval or heart-shaped stones work well for small hands.  With larger hands, you can easily get away with bulky, chunky styles. In 2020, the square diamond is the trend for wedding rings.
  3. Choosing wedding bands. There are a few ways to go when it comes to selecting wedding bands.  First, matching bands – bands having the same design but are sized differently for women and men. Second, complementary bands – these bands that are different but look related. Third, engagement-wedding band set – bands that specifically complete the look of the woman’s engagement ring. The last, non-matching bands – those that express the wearers’ different aesthetics.
  4. More accessories. Your wedding look may be complemented by just a hint of jewelry. Traditionally, gorgeous strands of pearls, a diamond pendant necklace or a pair of diamond earrings are included. These are classic pieces. In addition, you may think of: pins, tiaras, anklets, chokers, bangles. Besides, the bride or groom’s family may have a piece of heirloom jewelry they want to give to the bride to wear for her wedding day.
  5. Engraving and customization. To make jewelry more special, you may want to engrave it with a personal inscription  – initials, the wedding date or a special message.Wedding jewelry: 10 steps bridal guide RicaFeliz • 2022
  6. Avoid mismatching of proportions, styles, shapes or metals. It makes much sense to double check if jewelry does not seem heavy or if your style is well combined with accessories. 
  7. Focus on jewelry metal. Precious metals are gold, silver or platinum or alternative – stainless steel, titanium, cobalt. All of them are different in appearance, purity and qualities. Platinum is durable, shining and beautiful. But it is very scratch with use. Gold has always been a standard for wedding jewelry. Its alloy can vary in colour: white, pink, yellow, even green. So, it can fit any style and design. Silver is valuable and affordable today. It looks pretty good if you choose a silver set. It requires special care to avoid tarnish. Stainless steel, shiny and strong material, widely used for various jewelry production. It looks very modern. Accessories and jewelry pieces made of titanium will make your style unique and fashion. It is scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic. Cobalt is a lifetime metal, very hard and bright. It is contemporary metal for fine bridal jewelry.
  8. Need a jeweler? Look if a jeweler is interested in your personality, your style, your desires. The jeweler shows a great variety of items but guides you in your own choice. Much better, if your jeweler can offer extra services: to repair, to resize the jewelry pieces or to make any custom design. Jewelry store should have a rather wide selection and high reputation. Is there certification for diamond products? What are the warranties and return policy? Ask these questions a jeweler whom you trust more.
  9. Thinking of something non-traditional? What about color diamonds? Diamonds may have different colors: pink, yellow, gray, black. You may choose one designed as a small group of multiple stones, or studding the band only. Color gemstones can also be considered like an option. They look sparkling and symbolic.
  10. Get inspired with the famous newest collections of wedding jewelry sets. While some might prefer stones and colours, others might go for the intricate gold designs. Traditional designs are beautiful, but jewelry specially designed gives a real royal  and colourful feel. You can mix and match diamonds with sapphires, a string of rubies or emeralds. You are free to choose anything you like for your special day! 

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