When speaking of ceramic, the memory reveals something hand-made, hand-painted, made with lots of warmth and dedication, a history of hundreds of generations reflected in this simple material.

Ceramic art traditionally is referred to the products made of clay. And, indeed, the origin of the word “ceramics” is really interesting as it has come from the Greek word keramikos, that means “pottery”, which in turn has come from keramos meaning “potter’s clay”. 

Everybody knows how popular ceramic is: its long history started over 2,000 years ago in Nok culture in Africa, then this material became popular in Chinese, Greek, Korean and many other cultures. With the time, elements of ceramic art have obtained different degrees of emphasis – shapes of the objects, its decoration by painting or carving, and even glazing. 

Nowadays, fashion jewelry collections can’t be considered complete if no ceramic is included: ceramic earrings, antique ceramic jewelry, ceramic jewellery pendants.

The main material called Titanium Carbide (widely known as TiC) is used while making contemporary ceramic accessories and jewelry. This is an extremely hard material, similar to tungsten carbide. It looks like black powder with the crystal structure.

Titanium carbide has the following important features: it is lightweight, scratch-proof, hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant. And once it’s polished, it takes on an incredible shine and maintains a silky smooth appearance for a lifetime. That is why ceramic’s greatest decorative features are its shine, smoothness and glossy finish.

Trendy ceramic jewelry: always chic & exquisite RicaFeliz • 2022

Maybe, ceramic won’t be the first thing that comes to your mind when you are searching for beautiful and at the same time durable jewelry. However, jewelry made of ceramic is really very long-lasting, also incredibly shiny and implausibly sleek. This is a main answer why women’s ceramic jewelry is the best gift idea for those you love.

Ceramic jewelry for women looks attractive, elegant, fashionable, and extremely luxurious. Ceramic accessories, rings and sets are very popular among engagement and wedding  trends.

Especially among men’s wedding bands, as this jewelry looks elegant and stylish in design. A ceramic ring is an excellent choice for the man who wants a modern update of the traditional men’s wedding band. Fantastic ceramic accessories offer shine, color, design and up-to-the-minute style in men’s jewelry. For a minimalist designer jewelry look, black and white are the most popular colors.

Though ceramic products are durable enough and can resist some damages, sometimes they require some level of care and maintenance. Like tungsten, ceramics requires simple soap and water solutions to be cleaned.

Unique, ultra-durable, stylish and versatile, available in a variety of styles, creative ceramic jewelry or ceramic vintage jewellery can be inlaid with gold and set with different stones. 

We may say, it seems to be not much important today who was the person who discovered this material and noticed that tiny piece of clay getting burnt by the fire, but thanks to him, ceramics entered our life and fashion world and besides amazing crockery we can enjoy colorful and stylish ceramic jewelry items.

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