If any woman found a reason to make a special gift to her Man, Boyfriend or Husband she would find a way to make her idea true. It might be a Birthday, Anniversary, Father’s Day, Christmas or any other special date. A special person deserves a special gift. Why not find jewelry for him?

Nowadays, there are so many handsome accessories and jewelry for men. Historically and originally there was just one idea for male gifts – the watches. But thanks to world designers, a great number of jewelry pieces appeared and offered the best jewelry for men.

To choose the right jewelry gift you need to ask the question: What kind of man is he? This is not enough to know his preferences or tastes, you need to consider his lifestyle, his daily activity, job position, social status and even character.

Smart Choice of Jewelry for Men RicaFeliz • 2022For a man who is involved in a physically-demanding field it is better to give a traditional band-style ring rather than raised stones design ring. Or it could be a chain necklace.

For a person who works in an office job, it can be any accessory or jewelry of simple, straightforward design with a modern twist.

For retired men or those working from home, any option that fits comfortably and has a unique style will work well:  rings, bracelets, watches, and necklace chains.  

It is believed, for businessmen, a watch may be an appropriate gift, as would a ring. For active guys, casual style lovers, choose a bracelet or necklace chain.  If he adores vintage style – the vintage men’s jewelry is the best selection.

There are five basic jewelry gifts that have proven to be the most popular, even in spite of trends and fashion. Rings, bracelets and watches, necklaces, cufflinks and lapel/tie pins are available in a great variety of styles, sizes, and precious metals for men of all ages.

Rings (Bands or Stones): Today, the right ring style emphasizes the hand and invites the eye: a classic smooth wedding band is the most recognizable, of course, but far from the only option. Stylish options inset with exotic materials like wood and tungsten carbide add a touch of contrast, while other bands feature finely-etched designs for lasting durability and a handsome finish. The delightful counterpoint to the classic band ring, men’s bands made with stones. Given the elevated style of this type of ring, it’s a perfect option for anniversary jewelry. 

Necklaces (Chains): A chain-style necklace can be worn by men by itself. It can also be worn in conjunction with a pendant, often religious or personal in nature. Yellow gold is one of the most popular metals for jewelry ideas for him, but silver, platinum, titanium and palladium options also tend to be well-received, thanks to their ability to effortlessly match with most neutral-toned outfits.

Bracelets: Thick, figaro-style chain links, with or without an engraved “plate” in the center of the bracelets, comprise most men’s bracelet designs. Due to their precious metal weight and durability, these bracelets are highly prized and it isn’t uncommon for them to be passed down from father to son. 

Hand watches: For an active and athletic man, a metal, silicone, or rubber band and a water-resistant/waterproof watch will make a perfect gift. If he is more likely to use his watch every day as an accessory to his outfit, opt for a smaller face and a genuine leather band for an elegant impression that won’t overwhelm his wrist.

Cufflinks: Used to close the cuffs of formal shirts, they’re most likely to be used with full business wear, formalwear. They make a perfect gift for special occasions that require them, such as prior to attending a wedding, to celebrate a promotion at the office, or to dress up before attending a formal event like a symphony concert. Cufflinks come in several closure varieties, including snap, knot, a toggle/bullet/bar style closure, and a pin-like design called a whale back.

Moreover, you can combine jewelry with something else to make a perfect gift set – romantic dinner, poker night, salon appointment, etc.

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