Pearls are a biogenic solid, rounded or irregularly shaped formation extracted from the shells of some sea and river molluscs. Pearls are very fragile and delicate gemstones.

Pearls may lack the catchy grandeur of a diamond, the hot passion of a ruby, the magical magnetism of a moonstone, or the pretentiousness of a malachite pattern – but pearls do have tenderness, fragility, and grace.

Pearls are the most mysterious and amazing among gemstones. This is the personification of femininity and tenderness. Unlike other gemstones, pearls are versatile: they can be worn with anything, anywhere, anytime.

Pearls are always appropriate (J. Kennedy) RicaFeliz • 2022It is believed that pearls should match the skin color of the wearer. In Africa, pearls are preferred yellowish, in Europe – pinkish and white, in Southeast Asia – bluish. The color of pearls depends on the type of water and the geographic location where the pearl oysters live. Experts distinguish about 120 shades of pearls. The most common is silver, the rarest is greenish blue. The latter is found only in one of the islands of Indonesia.

Pearls of pale pink color are mined off the coast of India, yellowish – in the coastal waters of Sri Lanka, brown-gold – off the coast of Panama; Mexico gives reddish brown and black pearls, Japan – white and light greenish, Australia – white and silvery white, light pink pearls are known in the Bahamas, pink, dark brown and black in California, in the Persian Gulf – gently cream.

The best black pearls, including cultured ones, come from Tahiti. Each black pearl is a real miracle of nature, with its own shade (blue, gray, green, purple). 

Luster is the most important characteristic of a pearl. It is the intensity of the reflection of light from the surface of the pearl, which gives it shine and depth. luster depends on the thickness, uniformity and number of layers of mother-of-pearl. 

Pearls are always appropriate (J. Kennedy) RicaFeliz • 2022

Pearls are a creation of nature. Therefore, the pearl often has small surface imperfections. Significant imperfections may greatly reduce its  value, while small imperfections indicate the originality and uniqueness of the pearl.

When purchasing pearl products,  the most attention is paid to the color, size and shape.

But before one should distinguish between natural and artificial pearls. The first, in turn, is divided into sea and freshwater pearls.

Imitation pearls are glass or plastic that has been dyed to resemble pearls in appearance.

The basis of the total cost of the product, as well as to determine the quality of pearls, the following parameters are used: color, luster, diameter, shell thickness and possible damages.

The size of a pearl is determined by its diameter in millimeters. The diameter of cultured pearls can vary from 2 to 20 mm. Generally, the larger the pearl, the greater its value.

Absolutely round pearls are rare and in high demand. There are other shapes that are also appreciated: oval, pear or drop, button and completely irregular or baroque shapes.

Pearls are always appropriate (J. Kennedy) RicaFeliz • 2022Why Buy Pearls?

Pearls are classics. Your jewelry box may not contain diamonds, rubies or emeralds, but you must have a string of pearls.

Strengthening of family happiness and marriage union – this is the opinion of many people about pearls. All over the world, it is used to decorate wedding dresses and is the best jewelry gift for a couple.

Pearls are the most feminine of all gems. If you lack such feminine qualities as emotionality, intuition, sincerity, sentimentality, get a pearl jewelry.

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