The glitter of gold has been attracting people for many centuries. This metal is associated with sun, warmth and beauty. Gold jewelry makes the image elegant and complete. With a proper care your favorite jewelry made of gold will remain in a perfect condition for a long time.
Not everyone realizes that gold jewelry may tarnish, like their silver counterparts. This is because gold is not used in its pure form, since the metal is very soft and delicate. It is because of various impurities that jewelry can change color over time.

So, for example, red and pink shades are formed due to copper, and gray due to the presence of silver in jewelry. It will be possible to avoid such situations if you systematically look after gold and follow all the rules for its operation.


Like all jewelry, gold jewelry cannot stand direct sunlight, dust, oils, temperature changes, humidity, chemicals. That is why, all general care and storage rules should be followed when wearing gold accessories.

Two more important processes that all gold jewelry buyers need to know about:

It is recommended to clean jewelry once a month if you wear it regularly.
Only soft (suede or flannel) cloth is to be used to clean the jewelry. This cloth will not leave scratches during washing and wiping, unlike paper.
The best jewelry cleaner is cold soapy water. Just place it inside for 10-15 minutes, then take out and place on a towel until well dry.

Some accessories like gold rings with stones are harder to clean as there are hard to reach some places. For these purposes, use a toothbrush or cotton swabs. Delicate cleaning will gently remove dirt, avoiding scratches.

More aggressive cleaning method is mechanical cleaning with abrasives. Many DIYers try to polish their jewelry with baking soda or salt. We do not recommend doing this if you really care about your jewelry. It is better to use special pastes instead. Using a soft brush or cotton swab, gently apply the paste to the surface of the product, avoiding contact with the stone inserts. Then apply little alcohol to the treated area in order to remove a film. After successful cleaning, wash the jewelry with warm water, letting it dry naturally.

It takes place once a year. And it is worth giving all the jewelry for professional cleaning, which only a specialist can do. Polishing is made with pastes and felt discs followed by rinsing in an ultrasonic bath to remove any damages and scratches. For jewelry with some precious stones, polishing is not recommended at all. The indisputable advantage of polishing is the consultation of the master, who will check the reliability of the setting of the stones, preventing them from falling out.

Best gold jewelry is as capricious as every woman, but knowing the little tricks you can find an approach to them. Follow our care guidelines and you can enjoy the products for a long time by passing them on to your grandchildren, making it a family gold jewelry.

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