Cartier International SNC, widely known as simply Cartier is a French multi-industry company founded in 1847 and specialized in manufacturing, design, distribution and selling of luxury jewelry and watches. Till 1964 it was a totally family business started by Louis-François Cartier. Nowadays, Cartier is operating over 200 fashion stores in 125 different countries.

Cartier is considered to be one of the most valuable brands and the most prestigious jewellery manufacturers in the whole world. 

The company began its development and growth with bespoke jewelry and timepieces. Its founder took over the workshop of his master. In the early years, the company designed and produced  wristwatches and clocks of extravagant style, specially for  the elite in society: mystery clocks with a transparent dial and hidden mechanism; fashionable wristwatches; colorful “Tutti Frutti” jewels.

Later, the son of Louis-François, Alfred Cartier, took over the company, but after Alfred’s sons Louise, Pierre and Jacques established Cartier brand name worldwide. They, Louis-François Cartier’s grandsons,  helped to bring a fresh perspective to the business and company, expanding  numerous offerings and the best Cartier watch.

Cartier - the Jeweler of Kings, and the King of Jewelers RicaFeliz • 2022

Today, Cartier is a highly regarded watchmaker all over the world. Cartier watches have become a piece of history. Among the widely known  timepieces are: flat wristwatch with a distinctive square bezel – the first men’s wristwatch created specifically with the needs of pilots in mind; And, the Tank watch, model introduced with a design inspired by the newly introduced tanks of World War I. Also, there were famous Love bracelet, Pasha de Cartier watch, Caged Bird Brooch, lots of Fine Jewellery including: Panthere de Cartier, serpent shaped necklace, and many more.

Thus, the brand has become very successful, lots of other companies started to create imitations of Cartier timepieces. For years Cartier remained a main leader in the industry of watchmaking. Widespread popularity made them open boutiques in London, New York City, and St. Petersburg.

Though history of Cartier passed through various changes – period of reorganization of 70s when Cartier company was partially sold. After investors assistance, the company was reconnected as Cartier worldwide again. Cartier has continued to increase by the 21st century.

For more than 150 years, Cartier has kept up an unmatched notoriety in the watchmaking business. Their unique tasteful and duty to greatness have permitted them to be profoundly respected by companions and authorities the same.

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