Everything beautiful requires care: accessories, watches, any kind of jewelry. When buying one, please do not ignore to give proper maintenance to even those made of high quality and expensive materials.

Care Tips for Sterling Silver Jewelry RicaFeliz • 2022

The precious materials require specific care. Below you can learn how to keep your jewelry in original condition and prime quality. Jewelry will serve you lifetime if you do care! If not cared, jewerly will certainly lose its luster and become worn. All the maintanence depends on how often you wear a jewelry piece, what coating it really has and its storage conditions. To maintain brilliance of the jewelry, to preserve its beauty, you have to treat them with great care and handle them with delicacy.

Depending what principal material the jewelry is made of, you choose between the care modes. Be aware, no jewelry likes too much light and heat. It can cause discolour or severe damages. Treasured jewelry with stones are extremely delicate and sun rays can be very harmful to them. To protect your jewelry means to give the right care in order to keep its sparkling and luxury appearance!

Here find and remember a few basic care rules suitable for any jewelry:

Always To Follow Rules:

  • To apply cosmetics, use lotion, hairspray and perfume before dressing in jewelry. Jewelry and accessories are the last you put on.
  • Accessories don’t need oils. After undressing, wipe each jewelry piece with a clean soft cloth to remove skin oils.
  • Try to store the pieces in a fabric box, separately or better, individually-wrapped in tissue to prevent scratches and keep the quality.

Never To Follow Rules:

  • No wear jewelry while any activity like: housekeeping, gardening or exercises.
  • Avoid contact of any of cleaning products with jewelry.
  • Do not use jewelry when you use chlorine swimming pools or hot tubs.

Sterling silver is an alloy created by using a combination of copper and pure silver. As a final result we have a compound extra long lasting and much less soft. Those features are vital for jewelry manufacturing. Normally, sterling silver has a purity of 92.5%. And the rest 7.5% is the alloy of copper or another metal (usually nickel or zinc).

Jewelry made of sterling silver is very popular.

This material requires special care to preserve its look and longevity.

Humidity, salty air, chlorine, sulfur perspiration, cosmetics, household bleach and other strong chemicals make sterling silver tarnish and make the fine jewelry look dull and dirty. To stop and prevent this ugly process as much as you can, just remove the jewelry and store in a safe, dry place when you are about to work around the house or take a shower or bath, use some cosmetics, doing sports or cooking.

Special tips for cleaning:

  1. To use a special jewelry cleaner and apply just a small amount of it to a soft cloth.
  2. Several times gently rub the item with the cloth.
  3. Rinse well in warm water.
  4. Dry and shine the item with special polishing cloth or mitts. This will help to remove the tarnish and restore original shine.

Storage of your jewelry is of great importance too. It should be stored in containers or separate compartments, not mixed together. Use a spacious jewelry box. Don’t store jewelry in plastic bags. Some plastics may have vapors that can discolor metal and easily corrode the surface.

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