The art of piercing is one of the oldest arts. Long time ago all people, men and women used piercing as decoration and/or symbol of bravery, power, etc. Depending on expressivity people applied piercing for particular body parts.

Today, jewelry can be inserted into almost any part of the body – as they say, from head to toe only just for decoration.

Facial piercings are pretty common. Typically pierced eyebrows, ears, lips, tongue and nose. An unobtrusively sparkling pebble will draw the eye to the face and give its owner a zest.

Non-standard piercing types are nipple piercing, belly button piercing, hand piercing, which is not yet widespread.

As for piercing jewelry, you can not limit your own imagination, as jewelers pay great attention to this art and constantly create beautiful, graceful, original and sophisticated jewelry.

All about luxury piercing jewelry RicaFeliz • 2022The best material for piercing jewelry

Most often, piercing jewelry is made of various metals: it can be either precious gold or silver, or stainless steel, titanium or titanium alloys. It is important to remember that jewelry made of any metal should be smooth, well polished, and in those places where they directly contact the skin, there should be no irregularities or decorative elements.

In no case should you use jewelry made of nickel and alloys containing cobalt for piercing. It is not recommended to use silver jewelry for primary piercing: it is better to use them when the puncture site has already completely healed. Before that, it is best to wear jewelry made of steel or gold.

Also, piercing jewelry can be made of glass, Teflon, hypoallergenic plastic or polymer clay, but jewelry made of precious metals will still be more durable. Thus, high quality piercing jewelry is safe, long lasting and more attractive.

Body piercing jewelry: there are many types of piercing jewelry more popular nowadaysAll about luxury piercing jewelry RicaFeliz • 2022


A barbell, or barbella, is a decoration consisting of a straight rod, on which balls are wound on both sides. Typically, barbells are used to pierce the tongue, nose and eyebrow. Other decorative elements can be used as balls, for example, cones, or small balls with spikes.

When choosing a barbell, keep in mind that thin and short (6-10 mm) products are recommended for eyebrow or nasal septum piercings, while products with a length of 22-24 mm are intended for tongue piercing.

All about luxury piercing jewelry RicaFeliz • 2022


Such an earring is a shortened bar, on one end of which a ball is wound, and on the other there is a small plate that cannot be unscrewed. Typically, this jewelry is found in lip piercings or chin dimples.

Another type of labretta is a micro labretta, the main feature of which is a thinner core. The micro labretta can be worn in a pierced lip, nose, or ear.

RingsAll about luxury piercing jewelry RicaFeliz • 2022

These earrings are almost universal as they are suitable for piercing almost any part of the body. The most important thing is to choose the right ring diameter and its thickness. Either a segment of the ring itself or a small ball is used as a lock in piercing rings.

All about luxury piercing jewelry RicaFeliz • 2022Banana

Another of the most popular piercing earrings, as it is worn in a pierced navel. A banana is a small curved bar with balls wrapped around both ends. But since most often a girl’s navel is pierced, jewelry manufacturers are trying to diversify such earrings: now you can find bananas not only with balls, but also with various inserts made of stones, figures of flowers or animals and other beautiful details.

Moreover, some other piercing jewelry types are found:All about luxury piercing jewelry RicaFeliz • 2022

Nostril is an adornment named after the puncture of the same name. It is a curved “snail” bar for fixation in the puncture.

A twister is a coil of a spring with ball clamps.

Circular – decoration in the form of a horseshoe or a crescent, fixed on both sides.

The compression ring is a circle with a missing segment. Can be supplemented with various elements, crystals, stones or the usual classic ball. There are also clicker rings and segment rings, they are solid – without gaps.

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